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Natural Hair Dyes to Keep Your Locks Looking Gorgeous

Have you been thinking about going natural but don’t know how to take the plunge? Or maybe you’ve been rocking your natural hair for a while now and are looking for new ways to keep it looking gorgeous. Either way, this blog post is for you! I will share with you some of the best natural hair dyes out there so you can have beautiful hair all year long. Let’s get started!

pair of ballet flats

Ballet-Flat Outfit Ideas for Women Who Love Comfort

I’m not gonna lie- I love a good pair of ballet flats. There’s just something about their simple design and comfortable fit that makes them irresistible. And while they’re perfect for days when you want to be “comfortable chic,” sometimes it’s hard to come up with outfit ideas that feel new and different. But never fear! These ten looks will help inspire you to mix up your standard ballet flat look. So go ahead and give one of them a try! You might fall in love all over again. 🙂

Hairstyles for Short Height Girls That Will Make You Look Taller

Have you ever wished you were taller? Even just a little bit taller? Maybe you’re one of those lucky people who is blessed with height, but maybe not. If you’re anything like me and fall into the “short” category, you know that sometimes getting dolled up means having to get creative with your styling choices to look a little bit taller. Don’t worry, though, I’ve got you covered!

trend in manicures

Paraffin Manicure: The Newest Trend in Manicures

Have you ever heard of a paraffin manicure? If not, you’re in for a real treat! This new trend in manicures is taking the beauty world by storm and for a good reason. Paraffin wax is known for its moisturizing properties, so it’s the perfect treatment for dry, cracked hands. In this blog post, we’ll tell you all about paraffin manicures and how to get one yourself. Keep reading to learn more!


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