PR Samples

I sometimes get sent PR samples to review on my blog. I also buy a lot of beauty products myself. A LOT. This means you will always see a lovely mix of products on my blog and, regardless of whether products were sent to me or I bought them myself, I will always give my honest opinions. I usually try to mention the origin of the product directly in the blog post (e.g. ‘the team from xxx sent this to me’ or ‘I got this at an event and’). If you’re ever curious about the origins of an item, feel free to get in touch with me on twitter and ask, I’m always about for a natter: @stayyoungthebook.

Sponsored Posts

Occasionally I accept sponsored posts on my blog. I do not accept pre-written content (I’m more than capable of writing my own posts, thank you very much). These types of posts will be clearly signposted (e.g. ‘sponsored post’ or ‘this post was written in collaboration with…’)

Affiliate links

I sometimes receive commission via affiliate links.  If there is a program available, if you choose to purchase the item I’ve recommended, I receive a small commission. This is done automatically on my behalf and I am usually unaware in advance of publishing whether or not an affiliate conversion is available for my particular link. So what does that mean? It simply means that I review the things that I like and add links to help you get more information or purchase the item; the affiliate aspect is done automatically so I tend to forget it’s happening. I would never add a link just to get affiliate clicks.


These (hopefully) won’t ever interrupt your viewing of my content. I would appreciate it if you disabled your ad-blocking software in order to see the ads – it’s just polite! If you ever see any ads that you think are inappropriate or concerning please let me know and I will investigate straight away.


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